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Charities across the country have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19 and many have had to adapt to overcome the challenges that this has brought. Now more than ever charities are relying on Will legacies or one-off donations to continue their vital services to those who need it most.

As a local business we believe strongly in doing what we can to support local charities. At the beginning of March 2020, we were thrilled to announce our yearlong partnership with the MFC Foundation as their recommended provider of Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and Probate services. We have pledged to donate a minimum of £25.00 for every Will we draft on behalf of supporters of the charity until the end of March 2021. This partnership was announced following the success of the first ever Wills Month for MFC Foundation in 2019 whereby, thanks to the response we received from the local community and supporters of the charity, we were able to raise over £600.00 for this fantastic cause!

Who are MFC Foundation and what do they do?

The Foundation offers over 40 programmes designed to raise aspirations and improve the life chances of our people across our local communities. The programmes are created around four key areas:

  1. Social inclusion- Delivering programmes to people (particularly in the most deprived areas of Teesside) to upskill and inspire.
  2.  Education- Delivering courses and workshops to provide qualifications and increase the skills, knowledge and aspirations of young people and adults.
  3. Sport Participation- Offering sport and physical activities for young people and adults through delivery in schools and community venues.
  4. Health- Improving health and wellbeing of our local communities by promoting healthier lifestyles through activities.


How do our donations help?

£2 - Pays for a child to participate in “Roary’s Class Acts”, helping to raise attendance levels amongst primary school children.

£100 - Provides a one-hour football coaching session for adults to help with mental health.

£200 - Pays for a two-hour Kicks session in disadvantaged communities, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and improving community cohesion.

£1000 - Will provide 1 years’ worth of specialist provision for 10 children with a range of disabilities.

£2000 - Helps the Foundation to run their life-saving Football Welcomes project for 6 months, providing essential support to over 60 individuals in need of support - that’s less than £70 per year per person.

How can we get involved?

Simply call us on 01642 968707 or enquire through our website and quote ‘MFC Foundation’. A discounted rate will apply to any professionally drafted Will and a donation will be made to the Foundation on your behalf once your Will has been signed.