in     by Danielle Sutcliffe 18-03-2021

We are excited to announce our partnership with Key Wellbeing, who help employees thrive (not just survive) in the workplace thus creating a better environment for all. We are pleased to offer Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys at a reduced rate for members of Key Wellbeing to help support an individual’s financial planning. Ensuring that your affairs are in order can alleviate some worries as you know that your loved ones will be taken care of if the worst should happen.

Who are Key Wellbeing

They support HR and C-Level Leaders to implement winning workforce wellbeing strategies
thus creating savings by:

- Reducing absenteeism
- Increasing productivity
- Improving employee engagement
- Bolstering company reputation
- Creating better talent attraction and retention

Their research-backed approach to workforce wellbeing focusses on 5 Key Pillars:

1 - Connect: with each other, our teams and ourselves
2 - Be Active: taking time to move throughout the day
3 - Learn: knowledge is power when it comes to mental health at work
4 - Give: small acts of kindness at work and in the community
5 - Take Notice: meditating and mindfulness for focused productivity

Key Wellbeing's support covers all 5 elements and more on their membership platform The Key Wellbeing Hub. The Hub has been specifically designed to support employees with their physical and mental health at work. It provides audio and visual tools which are designed to improve employee’s mental health in the remote world, office and on the road. You can book a demo at

If you are a business owner and want to find out more about how Key Wellbeing can support your employees, please contact them on or visit and quote ‘DS Wills’.